Avvo Interviews Corso Law Group Founder on Martin Shkreli Case

Martin Shkreli is one of the most talked about men in America right now. In his recent appearance before a congressional committee, Shrekli pleaded the fifth when asked questions about highly increased drug prices. Christopher Corso, founder of Corso Law Group weighed in on the national controversy and if Martin Shkreli had the right to plead the Fifth in such a serious case. Does the Fifth Amendment even apply in this situation? The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens from self-incrimination, stating that no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” As […]

Maricopa County Attorney Bans iPhones for Prosecutors

With Apple fighting the FBI about unlocking the San Bernardino’s shooters iPhone and creating a backdoor for the government to unlock all iPhones, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said today that his office will no longer provide iPhones to prosecutors and other employees. “Apple’s refusal to cooperate with a legitimate law enforcement investigation to unlock a phone used by terrorists puts Apple on the side of terrorists instead of on the side of public safety,” Montgomery said. “Positioning their refusal to cooperate as having anything to do with privacy interests is a corporate PR stunt and ignores the Fourth Amendment […]

A Legal Perspective on the Government’s New Gun Plan

A new gun plan was recently presented by the government, proposing new rules and increased regulations for gun control. Despite political differences on the freedoms of gun control, the legal perspective of gun laws is separate, important topic. Here’s a summary of what these new, potential gun laws could mean legally. The proposed requirements seek to change the status of a “gun dealer”. A gun dealer will no longer be categorized by the number of armed weapons they sell but instead by the “totality of the circumstances”, looking to change the way in which firearms are sold, according to The […]

Corso Law Group Founder Offers Small Business Advice

I was recently interviewed by CBS Small Business Pulse, in which I discussed eight important things to know when owning a small business. “Fraud can be difficult to navigate with small businesses since the owner cannot oversee every detail even though each piece of information is important and must be accounted. Background checks for employees, internal check systems and written training manuals can help secure that the businesses owners have enough implementations in place to keep themselves further away from these potential liabilities.” “Identify when the small business needs legal help and seek guidance from a specialized professional. If an […]

New Transportation Regulations Lead to Continued Changes in Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is changing how its drivers record their hours for the first time in a long time with a newly implemented government rule announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, established to help truck drivers combat fatigue. In the past, truck drivers have been required to keep a paper log of their hours, but the new electronic logging device rule (ELD) is set to change everything. The electronic logging device is designed to record the driver’s time on the road through monitoring miles driven, the movement of the vehicle, engine hours and the location of the driver […]

Arizona’s Civil Forfeiture Laws Receive Poor Grade

Arizona’s civil forfeiture laws rank as some of the worst in the country, with a D- rating from Policing for Profit, a national report card grading these laws in every state by The Institute for Justice. What is Civil Forfeiture? If police believe that a person’s property could be linked to criminal activity, they can seize the assets in question to use as evidence during a trial. These laws are considered controversial because even if no one is charged or convicted, law enforcement can keep up to 100 percent of the seized assets unless, depending on the state’s specific laws, […]

Violent Crimes on Game Day: Are Football Games Dangerous?

How safe is it to be a fan at a football game? With emotions running high due to team loyalties, tense rivalries and alcohol consumption before and during the game, what seems like a fun sporting event can end in serious legal trouble. Recently, three San Francisco 49ers fans were charged with felony assault for brutally beating a Minnesota Vikings fan after a Monday night game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. In 2014, Arizona police arrested two men on assault charges, and stadium security removed several others involved in the two fights that took place in the upper decks […]

Paradise Valley Drone Ordinance on Par with New FAA Regulations

Soon after Paradise Valley passed a drone ordinance of its own, the first of its kind in the Valley, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced new regulations for drone owners, and now council members in Phoenix are weighing drone restrictions for the city. Residents of Paradise Valley are allowed to use drones privately on their own property without restrictions, but are not allowed to use the devices on private property without permission. Those who do so could be charged with trespassing. In terms of commercial use, the Paradise Valley ordinance states that Arizonans must register their devices with police first, […]

Defense Attorneys Challenge TrueAllele DNA Interpretation Software

Defense attorneys around the nation are questioning the legitimacy of the DNA interpretation software, TrueAllele, which is used by law enforcement in at least six states to assist in separating and identifying DNA evidence. Attorneys are interested in how TrueAllele’s software works to ensure that clients aren’t wrongfully linked to crimes based on the system’s interpretation of their DNA. According to DNA experts, DNA from multiple people can intermix on anything including gun grips, clothing and victims, The Wall Street Journal reports. These mixtures can be complex, making it difficult for labs to sort out, resulting in inconclusive evidence more […]

Christopher Corso Discusses What It Takes to Be a Successful Leader

Recently, I was interviewed by TruPath, an executive search firm, as part of their company’s “Executive Interview Series”. They asked me a range of questions where I opened up about the culture at Corso Law Group, highlights and hardships in my career and my leadership philosophy that’s helped bring Corso Law Group and our clients to where we are today. Take a look: What’s most exciting to you at this point in your career? After nearly 10 years in the industry, it’s rewarding to see which systems within your business are working successfully. As the head of a company, […]