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The Arizona criminal defense attorneys at the Corso Law Group are your advocates through whatever challenges life may present you. We are skilled criminal defense lawyers experienced in handling everything from DUI defense to civil speeding tickets to felony charges. Rest assured, our criminal defense lawyers are your advocates for any and all issues that may arise.

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Texas DWI Charges


You’re pulled over for DUI in Arizona – do you know what to do next? Do you know your Arizona DUI rights? Do you know who to trust? Trust the experienced Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group.

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Drug Charges

The Arizona drug lawyers at Corso Law Group understand that possession of drugs is a very serious offense that requires an experienced and aggressive criminal defense.

Texas Drug Charges

Felony Charges

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Corso Law Group fight for your rights when it comes to charges such as assault, disorderly conduct, theft, shoplifting, criminal damage and misdemeanor arrests.

Arizona Civil Speeding

Photo Radar

When it comes to fighting photo radar tickets, we’ve handled more than any other firm in Arizona. We look for new ways to interpret the laws and arrive at solutions that make sense for our clients.

Texas Speeding Tickets

Civil & Criminal Speeding

An Arizona criminal speeding ticket is not just a traffic ticket. It’s a class 3 misdemeanor in the state of Arizona meaning, for the rest of your life, you’ll have to answer “Yes” when asked if you have a criminal record.

Arizona CDL Tickets

CDL Tickets

Arizona CDL speeding tickets and other moving violations can be catastrophic to your driving record and employment. Trucking companies look for violations to use against you.

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Corso Law Group review: The Best Lawyer in Town. I used this law firm and had a great experience. Great guys, owner stayed late and met with me when I hired. Took the time to explain. A real motivating group, they work hard at what they do. My attorney sat with me for over an hour. No consultation fee at all. Definitely keeping this phone number on my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work. Case Dismissed.

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