Shoplifting Charges in Arizona

Shoplifting charges in Arizona and shoplifting cases in Arizona are prosecuted aggressively throughout the state. Knowing your rights when it comes to shoplifting charges in Arizona could make a significant difference in defending your case.

Arizona Shoplifting Charges

Frequently, courts impose expensive fines and lengthy jail or prison terms for those convicted of Arizona shoplifting crimes.

If you are charged with shoplifting in Arizona, the level of offense and penalties depend of the value of the property taken:

  • Class 5 Felony if value is greater than $2,000
  • Class 6 Felony is value is $1,000 to $2,000
  • Class 1 Misdemeanor if value is under $1,000

It is important for you to have experienced aggressive representation at all stages of your case.

At Corso Law Group, our attorneys are former prosecutors that understand how to fight all types of shoplifting charges in Arizona. We will protect your rights, explore all possible defenses and treat you with respect.

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DISMISSED – Shoplifting – Phoenix Municipal Court

DISMISSED – Shoplifting – Phoenix Municipal Court

DISMISSED – Shoplifting – Phoenix City Court

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