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Police Gain Greater Access to Phone Records with No Search Warrant Required

Should Federal agents be allowed to access a phone caller’s location without a warrant? A Cincinnati-based federal appeals court recently said yes with their latest ruling on the topic of protecting the privacy of data which is transmitted by one’s personal device. The records in question, obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), were that of two men located near multiple robberies when they occurred. Timothy Carpenter and Timothy Sanders were found guilty of being involved in nine armed robberies but argued that their phone records should have been dismissed as evidence. Why did they argue this? The phone […]

Reducing Sentences Leads to Possible Criminal Defense Changes

Reducing sentences has been a common topic lately in the United States. Recently, a judge rethought a sentence that had a profound impact on an inmate named Francois Holloway. Holloway was released from prison three years earlier than expected thanks to U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York. Although federal trial judges don’t commonly possess extraordinary power when it comes to sentencing decisions as prosecutors rely on set in stone minimum punishment laws, typically new evidence or excessive legal error are the only ways a reduction on their part is possible. However, judges can create a sense of […]

Violent Crimes on Game Day: Are Football Games Dangerous?

How safe is it to be a fan at a football game? With emotions running high due to team loyalties, tense rivalries and alcohol consumption before and during the game, what seems like a fun sporting event can end in serious legal trouble. Recently, three San Francisco 49ers fans were charged with felony assault for brutally beating a Minnesota Vikings fan after a Monday night game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. In 2014, Arizona police arrested two men on assault charges, and stadium security removed several others involved in the two fights that took place in the upper decks […]

Three Reasons Corso Law Group Attorneys Appreciate and Respect Our Clients

When most people hear the word criminal, a negative visual comes to mind. At Corso Law Group, we defend these criminals each and every day. Recently, I spoke with with Kevin Price of The Price of Business and discussed why I became a criminal defense attorney. During the interview, I explained Corso Law Group’s view on how we treat our clients and why helping criminals through their situations instead of conviction has brought great benefits to everyone. Here are 3 reasons our attorneys at Corso Law Group respect our “criminals”. 1) We know they’re not bad people, they’re just in a […]

You Ask, We Answer: 6 FAQ’s Concerning Criminal Defense Cases

When facing a legal situation where a criminal defense attorney is necessary, we understand that it can be confusing and difficult. Preparing yourself before hand and knowing the full extent of the situation is an important factor. Here are a variety of frequently asked questions I receive from potential clients and people I speak to concerning criminal defense cases 1) How do I know if I need to hire a lawyer? If you have been charged with a crime, you need to hire a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if the charge is for a misdemeanor or a felony, the expertise […]

Don’t Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Without These 4 Traits

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What should you look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer?  Don’t hire anyone unless they have these four traits: Experience as a Prosecutor Your criminal defense lawyer should be well experienced in Prosecuting. It’s crucial for them to know what happens on the other side, so they are better equipped to secure you the best deal possible. Communicates Consistently With You From Day One Depending on the type of attorney, communication with their client may not be one their top concerns. This is not okay. It’s imperative that your criminal defense lawyer is in constant contact with you about every […]

Fugitive Turns Himself in After 40 Years on the Run

After escaping from police custody three times and living on the lam for nearly 40 years, Clarence David Moore, 66, turned himself in to police. With three successful prison breaks and a secret life under the alias of Ronnie T. Dickinson, why would Moore want to turn himself over to the authorities after all these years? “I think he was tired of running. He’s at a point in his life and medically that he’s got to have help,” said Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton. When police arrived at his home last month in Frankfort, Kentucky, Moore was in a hospital […]

FBI Reviews Thousands of Criminal Cases Involving Flawed Hair Forensics

After discovering that flawed testimonies were made by most FBI examiners in almost all trials offering hair forensics as evidence against defendants for the past several decades, the Justice Department and FBI formally acknowledged this error and have begun a long list of reviews. The Washington Post reports that legal analysts have suspected problems with forensic techniques based on patterns for decades. Hair and bite mark comparisons have been criticized because the examiner is left to make a subjective call on whether the patterns match. To put the gravity of this admission into perspective, the FBI has identified 2,500 cases […]

Uber and Breathometer Join Forces to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Would knowing your blood alcohol content help you make the right decision to call a cab or hail an Uber at the end of the night? Breathometer, a portable breathalyzer that works on smartphones, has partnered with Uber to further prevent drunk driving by offering users safe, convenient alternatives to getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Simply blow into one of the Breathometer devices, which can be wireless or attached to the headphone jack, and the app shows the person’s current blood alcohol content. If BAC levels are at .04 percent or higher, Breathometer provides a list of nearby restaurants, […]

Why a Public Defender Isn’t Enough

Gideon’s Law states that under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, every state has an obligation to provide counsel in criminal cases to represent those defendants who can’t afford to hire a private attorney. However, many people have a misunderstanding of the public defense system and do not realize that choosing a public defender over a private attorney can be very hurtful to the outcome of their case resulting in a higher chance of being convicted as well as more severe punishment during sentencing. Anyone who is in need of a defense lawyer should consider every aspect of using […]