Arizona Supreme Court Insists on New Change in Police DUI Process

Arizona is known for some of the strictest DUI (driving under the influence) laws in the country, with a zero-tolerance policy and tough, extensive penalties including hefty fines, jail-time, tent city sentencing and lifelong repercussions impacting one’s family, career, educational opportunities and much more. The process of being pulled for an Arizona DUI is also demanding, but the current procedures used when officers pull over a driver have recently been deemed unfair. The Arizona Supreme Court is now forcing police officers to alter the way they obtain evidence when pulling someone over for being under the influence, changing the script […]

Scottsdale DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group Warn of Increased DUI Patrols During Arizona Spring Training

During the first week of spring training in 2015, the Arizona Department of Safety reported 59 DUI arrests near the games. With millions of fans expected to turn out this season, baseball fans should be aware that increased DUI patrols are expected, according to Scottsdale DUI lawyer Christopher Corso. As fans around the state prepare for the games, it’s important to note that after a game is over, the Center for Advancing Health estimates that 40 percent of fans will still have alcohol in their body. “During spring training, law enforcement will not hesitate to arrest or give citations to […]

Arizona DUI Lawyers Caution of Increased DUI Patrols on St. Patrick’s Day

Scottsdale, Arizona — With 240 DUI arrests during last years St. Patrick’s Day, Arizonans can expect an increase in DUI enforcement for this year’s celebration, according to Phoenix DUI lawyer Christopher Corso. Widely celebrated across the country, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most dangerous holidays due to the number of drunk drivers on the road. In 2013, 40 percent of all crash fatalities involved drunk drivers during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As Arizona law enforcement gears for up St. Patrick’s Day, DUI patrols will be out in full force in […]

Scottsdale DUI Attorneys at Corso Law Group Expect a DUI Crackdown for the 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open

Golf fans at the 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open will be under intense police scrutiny with strict DUI enforcement, Valley-wide DUI task forces and a special DUI campaign all creating the potential for increased arrests, according to Scottsdale DUI attorney Christopher Corso. Corso, founder of Corso Law Group, says police activity and DUI checkpoints will saturate TPC Scottsdale and the surrounding area. In recent years, officers have been positioned at points of entry to the Phoenix Open to intercept visibly intoxicated guests, offer Breathalyzer tests as part of the “Know Your Limit Campaign” and look out for any additional violations. […]

Strict DUI Enforcement on Super Bowl Sunday May Lead to Increased Arrests on Phoenix Roads

Experienced Arizona DUI attorney Christopher Corso says Arizonans can expect zero leniency from police on Super Bowl Sunday this year – especially when it comes to drunk driving. The Super Bowl is a big day for drinking, with an estimated 323.5 million gallons of beer consumed and 49.2 million cases sold on Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. The annual event brings with it plenty of parties and festivities, meaning saturation points and patrols will be out in full force to combat drunk driving accidents and DUIs, which can be up to twice as likely on Super Bowl Sunday than […]

Top 4 Most Common Holiday Crimes

The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it is also peak season for certain crimes. Corso Law Group has identified the four most common holiday crimes and offers advice on how to protect yourself from falling victim this year. Drunk Driving Holiday travel means significantly more people on the roads. This year, AAA predicts 46.9 million Americans will travel over the Thanksgiving holiday alone, which is up from the high of 46.6 million in 2014. This increase, along with holiday drinking and partying over Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, leads to a rise in DUIs and DUI accidents. […]

Arizona DUI Attorney Christopher Corso Expects Heightened Police Activity in the Valley this Fourth of July

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Arizona DUI attorney Christopher P. Corso and his team of DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group expect increased DUI checkpoints and DUI arrests this Fourth of July, the Scottsdale law firm announced today. The Arizona attorney, who previously prosecuted DUIs for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, bases this prediction on the state’s aggressive DUI prosecution in recent years. In 2014, 389 people were arrested in Arizona on suspicion of drunk driving over three days during the July 4th holiday weekend, ABC 15 reports. The number of arrests increased 27 percent from 2013 due to the large increase in police saturation […]

Preparing for Prom: Talk to Teens About Drunk Driving

Prom and graduation seasons are here, which means teens around the country are preparing for nights of fun and celebration. While this is a joyful time, it’s important for teens and parents to understand the dangers of underage drinking and intoxicated driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in America, which means preparing young adults with the safety information they need is crucial, especially this time of year when they may be tempted to make troublesome decisions like drunk driving or riding in the car with […]

Uber and Breathometer Join Forces to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Would knowing your blood alcohol content help you make the right decision to call a cab or hail an Uber at the end of the night? Breathometer, a portable breathalyzer that works on smartphones, has partnered with Uber to further prevent drunk driving by offering users safe, convenient alternatives to getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Simply blow into one of the Breathometer devices, which can be wireless or attached to the headphone jack, and the app shows the person’s current blood alcohol content. If BAC levels are at .04 percent or higher, Breathometer provides a list of nearby restaurants, […]

Powdered Alcohol to be Sold in Stores Across the Country This Summer

Powdered alcohol has been approved, despite last year’s false start, and could be available in the U.S. this summer. On March 10, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) granted approval to Palcohol, an alcoholic powder by Arizona company Lipsmark LLC that can be added to any liquid for a custom beverage. Palcohol was approved after scientific review from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the product’s ingredients weren’t concerning and proved no need for a legal block. The TTB originally approved Palcohol last April, but public outcry led to a temporary repeal two weeks later. Although […]