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The True Cost of a Speeding Ticket

Have you ever received a speeding ticket? Did you wonder where the money went after you paid the ticket? Most likely you and many others in Arizona contributed tens of millions to government programs through unnecessary citation costs. Instead of local and state taxes contributing to government programs, Arizona legislation has shifted the burden to those who have committed a crime. Over the last two decades, Arizona’s state-mandated surcharges went from 56 percent to 83 percent, according to the Arizona Republic. When you pay the state $95 for a speeding ticket, you’ll also be required to pay for programs and […]

Criminal Speeding vs. Civil Speeding Explained by Arizona Traffic Lawyers

Arizona civil speeding tickets and criminal traffic tickets can create numerous problems for Arizona residents, according to the Arizona traffic lawyers at Corso Law Group. An Arizona speeding ticket can affect driving privileges and lead to the inclusion of points on an Arizona Department of Transportation motor vehicle record (MVR), which can affect a person’s ability to provide for their family. “And being found guilty of an Arizona traffic offense can increase your auto insurance costs,” said John M. Rhude, Esq., Corso Law Group founding partner. “Which is why it’s so important to hire experienced Arizona traffic lawyers to represent […]