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At Corso Law Group we strive to provide the best possible service and representation to all of our clients. Every case is the most important case we will ever handle and we work with our legal teams to make sure that open lines of communication, realistic representation and favorable outcomes are pursued.

But don’t take our word for it. Read below Corso Law Group reviews from our clients:

Sandra R. – Peoria, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: The Best Lawyer in Town. I used this law firm and had a great experience. Great guys, owner stayed late and met with me when I hired. Took the time to explain. A real motivating group, they work hard at what they do. My attorney sat with me for over an hour. No consultation fee at all. Definitely keeping this phone number on my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work. Case Dismissed.

Shannon M. – Scottsdale, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: I was in trouble and Corso Law Group helped me out. Professional firm, never used a lawyer before. If you’re looking for a great lawyer call these guys. Highly recommended. I was facing a difficult situation in Scottsdale court. Never used a lawyer before. FIRST TIMERS LISTEN UP!! Corso Law Group was helpful and listened to my side of the story. If you are looking for a great lawyer try this firm out. Highly recommended by me.

Tim J. – Peoria, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: I called Corso Law Group and explained my legal problem. If I didn’t get help I was going to lose my job. They immediately took my case and was able to clear up my situation. They put my life back on track and I highly recommend them!

Mike H. – Peoria, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: By far the best decision I ever made for me and my family. I never knew a law firm could care the way they do. I could never imagine using anyone else!

James T. – Scottsdale, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: Great law firm. Hired Corso Law Group to help me with my legal problem. They treated me professionally and got the job done. No smoke and mirrors, fair price and they did what they said they were going to do. I highly recommend this firm. Even met with one of the owners, who took the time to explain everything to me. First class… Thanks guys. Job well done.

William S. – Scottsdale, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: Used Corso Law Group again and got another dismissal. They keep treating me right and getting results. If you are needing a great law firm try this firm out. They avoid all the b/s and walked me through the process once again. It actually was fun watching them make the states lawyer uncomfortable in court. The best part of the whole experience is how my lawyer stayed with me throughout the process. Waited with me at court and literally stood talking with her in the parking lot. That is service. She made sure every detail was resolved and that I understood what had just happened in court. I trust Corso Law Group and you should also. I have used them on a criminal ticket, a civil law suit and my DUI. Better every time!

Bella O. – Peoria, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: Corso Law Group represented me in family court recently. My ex was trying to take my child from me. The family law team at this firm took care of everything. They were so helpful and kept my family together. They listened to me! Imagine that, I am so thankful. Recommend this law group.

Brad W. – Scottsdale, Arizona

Corso Law Group review: Corso Law Group are very professional, and their service and follow through is second to none. We have referred friends, colleagues, and family to them over the years, and all have had good experiences. They can be trusted, they are good people, and they will help you, that is what it really is all about, people need that help, and they deliver!

Shawn H. – Glendale, California

Corso Law Group review: Looking for the best? You’ve got it right here. Professional, experienced, honest and confident. They truly care and are here to help you no matter what your case is. The lady at the front desk was great and I got to talk with the owner and meet him personally and I have no doubt I’m dealing with the best. There is no need to look anywhere else, you’ve just armed yourself with the biggest gun to defend yourself with, and you only paid for a value meal.

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Is DUI more than just a misdemeanor?

Arizona DUI charges can come with some severe consequences. In addition to losing your license, you could face 8 or more points on your license, mandatory jail time in tent city, fines and penalties, and increased auto insurance.

How harsh are Arizona DUI laws?

The State of Arizona prides itself on having some of the toughest DUI laws in the country, making it easier for your Arizona DUI stop to turn into a felony DUI.

What is a free consultation?

Please contact Corso Law Group today for a free consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys will meet with you to discuss your unique situation and help you determine the best means of action.

Can I just throw a Photo Radar ticket away?

Throwing away a photo radar ticket is NOT the way to handle your case. A photo radar ticket is serious and it can have serious implications for your driving record. We’re well versed in the legal defense of such tickets and they understand how different cities in Arizona approach photo radar tickets in different ways. Throwing away a photo radar ticket does not make the case disappear!

Don't I have to be served?

The days of process servers approaching you and handing you a ticket are long gone. Process servers can deliver the ticket to your door and leave it or the ticket can be sent directly through the mail. The reason is the state of Arizona considers both options an acceptable application of alternative service.