Child Custody in Arizona

Among the most important issues parents face when entering into legal separation or divorce proceedings are child custody in Arizona and visitation rights. It is advisable for parents to familiarize themselves with court terms dealing with the types of child custody available in Arizona and the way the court system determines custody.

Who can apply for child custody in Arizona?

In Arizona, child custody proceedings are most commonly entered into when a legal parent files for divorce or legal separation.

Child custody proceedings may also be filed by the maternal (mother) or paternal (father) of a child born out of wedlock. In these cases, it must have been proven by legal documentation, paternity testing, or a court decision that the person filing is the natural parent of the child in question.

Persons other than a child’s natural parents may file for custody of a child only if the child is not in the physical custody of his or her parents. See more at A.R.S. §25-401.

What are the types of child custody in Arizona?

The Arizona court system uses a number of terms to describe different custodial arrangements. While some are used to describe the same court-ordered child custody arrangement, others are used to describe very different arrangements.

It is important to understand the difference between these custodial arrangements before your day in court. Our experienced child custody lawyers can help explain the differences and prepare you for your hearing. We will fight for your rights and be your advocate in family court.

The types of Arizona child custody and court terms you should know:

There are many different types of child custody in Arizona to consider when filing for divorce from a spouse. From joint custody to the differences between joint legal and joint physical custody, the experienced Arizona divorce lawyers at Corso Law Group can explain the differences and defend your rights in family court.

Commonly-asked questions regarding custody in Arizona:

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