Your DUI Rights

The Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group have created a pocket-sized DUI rights card for you to carry at all times. Use this card as a reference guide if you’re pulled over for a DUI in Arizona. Remember: Always be polite and courteous to any Arizona police officer. And always remember to call the Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group for a free consultation.DUI Rights Card - Corso Law Group

Arizona DUI Rights Card

  • I will ask to speak with a DUI attorney from Corso Law Group immediately.
  • I will provide the officer with my license, registration and insurance information.
  • I will exercise my right to remain silent and not answer questions.
  • I will refuse to participate in any eye test or physical sobriety test.
  • I will take a breath or blood test after speaking with my attorney unless it will unduly delay the investigation.
  • I will request the preservation of a breath or blood sample for independent testing.
  • I will demand to be immediately released for an independent blood test.

Click on the image to download your own DUI rights card.

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