Reciprocal Points for Speeding Tickets

Most states have interstate reciprocal agreements for speeding tickets. This means that the speeding ticket you receive while on vacation in Arizona follows you back to Pennsylvania. It also means that it will affect your auto insurance rates, one more reason to hire an experienced traffic attorney to handle your Arizona speeding ticket or Arizona photo radar ticket.

That’s right, Arizona photo radar tickets are covered in the Driver License Compact and the Nonresidential Violator Compact. Why? Because in Arizona, photo radar tickets are covered under the Arizona speeding statute (A.R.S. 78-401a). That means a photo radar ticket conviction is treated like a regular Arizona speeding ticket and results in the same points and fines as an Arizona speeding ticket.

What is the Driver License Compact?

Simply put, the Driver License Compact allows states to share information about traffic violations with one another. Currently, there are only five states that don’t participate in the compact: Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Originally designed to report DUIs and DWIs to member states, the Driver License Compact now includes any violation, meaning your Arizona speeding ticket could come back to haunt you if you live in any of the 45 states that participate in the compact. You will receive reciprocal points for speeding tickets.

What is the Non-Resident Violator Compact?

The Non-Resident Violator Compact holds drivers accountable for their moving violations tickets in their home state should they decide to ignore the original traffic citation in the state it was issued. This means that receiving an Arizona speeding ticket must be dealt with in Arizona or you will find yourself answering for the violation you ignored in your home state.

Currently, Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon and Wisconsin do not participate in this compact.

States Without Reciprocal Driving Laws

There are only five states that do not participate in reciprocal driving laws: Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

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