Free Arizona DUI Defense Consultation

What is a free Arizona DUI Defense consultation?

Our experience as former Maricopa County prosecutors can be of great benefit to you and your case. After you tell us the facts about your case, we will use our DUI defense experience to analyze the situation, give you our opinions, and discuss what our approach will be. We’ll explain what penalties you’ll be facing for a DUI in Arizona, what your options are, and how the judicial process works in the state of Arizona. Being arrested does not necessarily mean you will be convicted and we want to make sure you’re aware of what lies ahead so we can tackle it head on.

When you choose the experienced DUI attorneys at Corso Law Group as your representation, you can expect the highest quality legal representation in your Arizona DUI case. We will fight to protect your rights by aggressively and professionally defending your DUI in Arizona. We’ll appear on your behalf at court proceedings, look for every way to get your case dismissed, file motions to suppress evidence against you and negotiate the best possible plea bargain. If necessary, we will even take your case to trial.

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