Six Reasons Why You Need to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Expert

Six Reasons Why You Need to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Expert

Recently, I was asked to comment on the reasons why your case needs a medical marijuana expert. It’s a great read and incorporates plenty of other experts in the field. Those who know me will tell you I always advocate for hiring the best expert you can find. It holds true when you build a home, have your car repaired and especially when you’re facing a criminal conviction. In a court of law, you can’t afford to go it alone. That’s why we’re here – to provide the best legal defense possible for you and your family. So why do […]

Arizona DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group Predict Increased DUIs Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is one of America’s most cherished holidays, but it’s also one of the deadliest. This time of year marks an extremely busy travel period, and more people on the road means more accidents overall – especially drunk driving accidents, according to Corso Law Group. “Most people assume New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous time of the year for drunk driving accidents, but that’s not true,” said Christopher Corso, owner and founder of Corso Law Group. “Thanksgiving is deadlier due to a significant amount of drunk driving crashes that occur over the holiday weekend.” Drunk driving accidents increase by […]

A Shortage in Truck Drivers Leads to Potential Industry Changes

Not many people outside the trucking world are informed about the requirements, issues and current laws surrounding truck driving. Our firm works diligently with these individuals to help them find solutions when it comes to traffic violations, license issues and much more. Recently, there have been several public scandals related to over-the-road commercial driving, and currently the industry is experiencing a shortage in drivers. A recent study completed by the American Trucking Association revealed the shortage of U.S. truck drivers will increase to 175,000 by 2040 if no changes are made. Over the last several years, the number of licensed […]

How Will Campus Carry Impact You?

Ever since the Campus Carry bill was signed into law in June, we’ve discussed how this controversial piece of legislature is being received. The law allows those who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon on public college campuses. As expected, not all Texans are showing their support. University of Texas professor Daniel Hamermesh recently sent University President Gregory Fenves his letter of resignation due to the new law. Hamermesh strongly believes this law will not only bring more danger and violence to campuses, but specifically to his classroom, a large auditorium of more than 400 students. In Hamermesh’s letter […]

Can You Be Held Criminally Liable for What You Post on Facebook?

In today’s culture, people post information on social media that can be shocking and revealing. Behind a screen, users seem to feel safe and protected from the consequences of their publicly shared stories, photos and videos, even if they are illegal. This raises the question of whether you can be legally liable for what you say on social media? Is a photo, video or status enough evidence for law enforcement to deem your action illegal? While it depends on the case, the answer is yes. If what you post on social media is illegal, you have a significant change of […]

Arizona REAL ID Update

With 2016 just a few weeks away, Arizona identification cards and driver’s licenses are undergoing big changes to meet Federal REAL ID standards, and those that don’t will become much less usable. Some of the newest and most important updates have to do with license photos. Due to a new facial recognition software, ID photos must comply with a new facial recognition software that requires clear, high quality photos. Those who wear eyeglasses everyday will need to go in for an updated, lens-free photo as the new software will not allow facial features to be covered in ID photos. Facial […]

2015 Holiday Shopping Forecast: Fraud

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the winter holidays approaching, what do shoppers need to know in terms of crowds, safe online shopping and credit card security as the year’s biggest retail season approaches? Black Friday may traditionally represent the start of holiday shopping, but this year expect to see crowds earlier in the season. Early holiday shopping is a continuing trend from last year when one in four shoppers purchased a Christmas gift before Halloween, and approximately 48 percent were done with holiday shopping before Cyber Monday. While some holiday shoppers will have finished by Thanksgiving weekend, others prefer […]

Gun Violence in America – Are Mass Shootings on the Rise?

For Americans, it’s a basic right to bear arms, but at what cost? The U.S. has a significant number of gun-related deaths each year, including an increase in mass shootings. This type of public, violent crime takes place every two weeks on average, according to Sherry Towers, a research professor at Arizona State University. She estimates 20 to 30 percent are inspired by previous attacks. This is triple the number of public mass shootings since 2011. When it comes to the total number of firearm-related deaths in America, some of the most striking statistics revolve around how common these deaths […]

Driving on the Holidays is Dangerous, But Which Holidays Are The Worst?

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and brings not only drunk drivers, but widespread opportunity for a range of traffic violations. Law enforcement is well aware of this increase and makes a significant number of arrests each year starting on Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. How many people does this affect? In 2013, Texas DPS cited almost 390 DWI arrests, just over 700 child seat belt citations, over 800 lack of insurance citations and issued almost 6,850 speeding violations during the Thanksgiving period alone. As experienced DWI and traffic attorneys, Corso Law Group understands […]

What are the Possible Outcomes of a Criminal Case?

Criminal law encompasses a wide variety of topics. At Corso Law Group, our attorneys work on cases involving DUI, criminal speeding, CDL tickets, photo radar tickets, felony charges, drug possession, weapons possession, violent crimes and more – all of which can yield different outcomes in court. The following is a guideline illustrating the basics of a criminal case and the possible outcomes. What is a plea bargain and what happens if you take one? A plea bargain is a proposed agreement between the defense and the prosecution that involves sacrifices and benefits for both sides. The defendant gives up their […]

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