Nearly $40 Million Spent in Arizona on Overtime Pay for Correctional Officers

Nearly $40 Million Spent in Arizona on Overtime Pay for Correctional Officers

Almost $40 million was spent by the Arizona Department of Corrections on overtime pay and expenses recently to compensate for hundreds of unfilled positions at 10 state-run prisons. With 550 correctional officer positions open, the $39.1 million in overtime pay, which increased from $28.3 million last year, went to a selection of employees who picked up extra shifts last fiscal, earning time and a half pay or additional vacation days. Public information officer for the Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association, Robert Blackmer, said this situation could leave officers feeling overworked, resulting in mistakes due to fatigue and exhaustion. In addition […]

Spooky Crime: Does Criminal Activity Increase on Halloween?

Ghoulish behavior, scary costumes and plenty of tricks are a given on Halloween, but should you expect an increase in criminal activity on October 31? If you live in Tempe, Arizona, you might. Based on a look at crime rates on Halloween in 10 different cities across the U.S., including Tempe, these are the determining factors for Halloween crime rates: Day of the week Halloween falls on. If Halloween occurs over the weekend, parties and other activities could contribute to an increase in crimes on that specific day. Common crimes specific to the city at hand. Any crime prevention programs […]

Illegal CDL Scandal Weighs Heavy on Established Truckers

At Corso Law Group, we work with truck drivers every day. These individuals display how much hard work, time and effort it takes to obtain and maintain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and it’s not a privilege that should be given without being earned. Recently, experienced truck drivers were taken for spin when California Department of Motor Vehicles employees were arrested for distributing fraudulent commercial driver’s license (CDL) to unauthorized truck drivers in exchange for thousands of dollars. Without having to have passed the required tests, the drivers caused great harm and potential danger to those around them on the […]

Three Reasons Corso Law Group Attorneys Appreciate and Respect Our Clients

When most people hear the word criminal, a negative visual comes to mind. At Corso Law Group, we defend these criminals each and every day. Recently, I spoke with with Kevin Price of The Price of Business and discussed why I became a criminal defense attorney. During the interview, I explained Corso Law Group’s view on how we treat our clients and why helping criminals through their situations instead of conviction has brought great benefits to everyone. Here are 3 reasons our attorneys at Corso Law Group respect our “criminals”. 1) We know they’re not bad people, they’re just in a […]

You Ask, We Answer: 6 FAQ’s Concerning Criminal Defense Cases

When facing a legal situation where a criminal defense attorney is necessary, we understand that it can be confusing and difficult. Preparing yourself before hand and knowing the full extent of the situation is an important factor. Here are a variety of frequently asked questions I receive from potential clients and people I speak to concerning criminal defense cases 1) How do I know if I need to hire a lawyer? If you have been charged with a crime, you need to hire a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if the charge is for a misdemeanor or a felony, the expertise […]

Former Employee of Arizona Medicaid Agency Suspected of Stealing $1.5 Million

A former employee for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), which is Arizona’s medicaid system, recently pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing an estimated $1.5 million from the program. Michael Veit, 63, faces 42 counts of criminal charges regarding money laundering, trafficking, theft and fraud. Before getting fired, Veit had been a state employee for 35 years and an AHCCCS employee for the last 27 years. His responsibilities included overseeing administrative functions regarding contracts for items such as facility office supplies, where his annual salary was $99,892. Previously, Veit worked for the Department of Corrections. As a […]

Arizona Governor Cuts Ties with Private Prison Operator in Kingman

Are Arizona’s private prisons in need of serious reform? This question was sparked after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently cut ties with a prison operator after riots broke out resulting in injuries, the evacuation of thousands of inmates, building damage and an investigation into the prison’s management. The Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) conducted an investigative report on the prison, and noted the private operator of the Golden Valley facility, Management & Training Corporation (MTC), had “a culture of disorganization, disengagement and disregard” of the DOC’s security, inmate safety and management policies. More significant findings from the report stated MTC […]

Can texting and driving laws be enforced?

I was recently asked about the effectiveness of texting and driving laws in the United States. If you spend any time on the road, you’ll see someone texting while they’re behind the wheel. And many laws are currently on the books to keep people from doing just that. So what’s happening? Here’s my take: Can texting and driving laws be enforced? To begin, not every state even has these kinds of laws to enforce, like Montana and Arizona, which do not have any sort of ban on texting and driving. However, it’s clear that most of the country has seen […]