How to Protect Yourself from Three Popular Cyber Crimes

How to Protect Yourself from Three Popular Cyber Crimes

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Major companies like Target and the Home Depot have suffered some of the most severe cyber attacks in the past several years, but they’re not the only ones who can fall victim to online criminals. These are the three most common cyber crimes targeting individuals this year, and how to avoid them: Mobile Monsters The Scam: An estimated $22 billion will be spent on mobile e-commerce in 2015 as retailers, restaurants, banks and more develop mobile apps that allow users to connect their accounts to the app for quick, easy payments using their smartphones. These apps create an easy, time-saving […]

Can Facebook Get You Arrested? A Supreme Court Update

In the Supreme Court’s first opinion regarding social media, the majority held that posting a threat online isn’t a federal crime without proof of the person’s mental state. This opinion was a result of the Supreme Court case Elonis V. United States, in which Anthony Douglas Elonis was arrested for posting rap lyrics on Facebook that contained threatening statements. Elonis violated a federal criminal statute that makes it a crime to transmit in interstate commerce “any communication containing any threat . . . to injure the person of another,” The National Law Review reports. He was convicted on multiple counts […]

FBI: Charleston Church Shooter Shouldn’t Have Passed Background Check

The FBI reports that Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof should not have been allowed to purchase the gun he used during the attack. FBI Director James Comey said Roof was arrested for weeks before the shooting, but he was still able to purchase a gun because the paperwork for the offense was incomplete and inaccurate at the time, according to the Associated Press. Those who wish to purchase a gun in South Carolina must undergo an FBI background check, however, if state and federal records are not up to date at the time of the background check, anyone who shouldn’t […]

Don’t Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Without These 4 Traits

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What should you look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer?  Don’t hire anyone unless they have these four traits: Experience as a Prosecutor Your criminal defense lawyer should be well experienced in Prosecuting. It’s crucial for them to know what happens on the other side, so they are better equipped to secure you the best deal possible. Communicates Consistently With You From Day One Depending on the type of attorney, communication with their client may not be one their top concerns. This is not okay. It’s imperative that your criminal defense lawyer is in constant contact with you about every […]

ACLU First Amendment Issues Blocks Arizona “Revenge Porn” Law

A district court judge has blocked an Arizona “revenge porn” law due to concerns about restrictions it may place on First Amendment rights. An agreement was reached by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton to prohibit prosecutors from enforcing the law so that publishers, booksellers, librarians and photographers are allowed to use nude photos, for which they may not have written consent, when they represent “newsworthy, artistic, and historical speech,” AZ Family reports. Previously, prosecutors were allowed to go after “revenge porn” offenders, but these effort have been stopped by the American Civil Liberties Union, which claimed that the statute […]

DCS Efforts to Improve are Overshadowed by Severe Child Abuse Cases in Arizona

  Despite efforts to overhaul the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) for the better, two cases of severe child abuse involving malnourishment, neglect and death have made headlines in the Valley recently. In late May, 3-year-old Alexandra Velazco was found dead in her home in Surprise despite several interactions with DCS before she was even born. In May 2011, Alexandra and her mother, Rosemary Velazco, both tested positive for amphetamines. She was removed from her parents care for a year after her birth until both Rosemary and Alexandra’s father, Carlos Cruz, completed substance abuse treatment and parenting classes in […]

Fraud and Identity Theft Crimes are Circulating in Arizona

If it seems too good, or in this case suspicious, to be true, it probably is. That’s the guideline the Arizona Attorney General recommends to prevent getting scammed by telemarketers, sales representatives, and recently, fraudulent insurance companies. Police in Lake Havasu City arrested Robert Musich, 46, who is accused of scamming hundreds of people in Arizona, California and Nevada by sending fake invoices of $413.11 for fire-insurance inspections that never happened, The Arizona Republic Reports. RMZ Fire Safety is the phony company Musich is suspected of using to charge people for permits and inspections, which would normally be paid to […]

A Look at the ‘New Nationwide Crime Wave’

Should America be preparing for a national spike in crime? In addition to what seems like a never ending stream of reports of violent incidents between police and citizens, community unrest and protests in the wake of heavily publicized cases like that of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, large cities like New York have reported an increase in violent crimes and gun violence. Although there’s no doubt these incidents have shocked the nation and certain crimes have increased in some parts of the country, the question now is whether these events are a reflection of crime rates for the US […]

Police Criticized for Taser Use

Tasers are used by 15,000 law enforcement and military bodies in the U.S. as an alternative to lethal weapons when force is necessary to subdue a person in a threatening situation. However, recent criticism of police use of force has led to the scrutiny of police use of Tasers, and whether they are actually safer than guns and other weapons. When fired, Tasers emit a 50,000-volt shock of electricity to the body, which overrides the central nervous system of whoever was struck, leading to an instant collapse as well as uncontrollable muscle contractions, according to a report by the Stanford […]

TSA Fails Most Undercover Safety Tests and Struggles to Identify Terrorists

How effective is airport security? According to recent tests by The Department of Homeland Security, TSA agents failed 95 percent of safety tests. Recently, Homeland Security’s Red Teams, which are undercover groups of investigators, posed as passengers to challenge the TSA’s safety standards and test the effectiveness of their routines. Red Team agents found that the TSA failed 67 of 70 tests performed, in which investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through safety checkpoints. In one test, an undercover was stopped by TSA agents after setting off a magnetometer alarm, but they failed to detect a […]