Arizona Supreme Court Compromises on Scottsdale DUI Evidence

Arizona Supreme Court Compromises on Scottsdale DUI Evidence

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The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that blood-alcohol tests from the Scottsdale crime lab will not be excluded as evidence in Scottsdale DUI cases. Due to inconsistent error reports, the Court released an opinion in late April ruling that tests from the headspace gas chromatograph machine are valid to use in DUI cases. While the machine did produce some faulty test results, results were not always inaccurate, therefore leading the justices to determine that evidence couldn’t be dismissed from all DUI cases. Instead, a judge will decide if the evidence is inherently unreliable, in which case the tests wouldn’t be considered. […]

Students Use Prom as a Platform for Social Change

How did you spend senior prom? For many, prom and graduation are seen as opportunities to let loose and celebrate; however, some socially conscious teens are altering their focus this spring semester towards expanding social consciousness. Students from across the country are using prom night to send the world a statement about tolerance and acceptance by attending the event as same-sex dates and challenging gender roles through dress. Two juniors from Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas chose to go to prom together, even though one is straight and the other gay. Since neither Jacob Lescenski nor his best […]

Preparing for Prom: Talk to Teens About Drunk Driving

Prom and graduation seasons are here, which means teens around the country are preparing for nights of fun and celebration. While this is a joyful time, it’s important for teens and parents to understand the dangers of underage drinking and intoxicated driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in America, which means preparing young adults with the safety information they need is crucial, especially this time of year when they may be tempted to make troublesome decisions like drunk driving or riding in the car with […]

Fugitive Turns Himself in After 40 Years on the Run

After escaping from police custody three times and living on the lam for nearly 40 years, Clarence David Moore, 66, turned himself in to police. With three successful prison breaks and a secret life under the alias of Ronnie T. Dickinson, why would Moore want to turn himself over to the authorities after all these years? “I think he was tired of running. He’s at a point in his life and medically that he’s got to have help,” said Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton. When police arrived at his home last month in Frankfort, Kentucky, Moore was in a hospital […]

FBI Reviews Thousands of Criminal Cases Involving Flawed Hair Forensics

After discovering that flawed testimonies were made by most FBI examiners in almost all trials offering hair forensics as evidence against defendants for the past several decades, the Justice Department and FBI formally acknowledged this error and have begun a long list of reviews. The Washington Post reports that legal analysts have suspected problems with forensic techniques based on patterns for decades. Hair and bite mark comparisons have been criticized because the examiner is left to make a subjective call on whether the patterns match. To put the gravity of this admission into perspective, the FBI has identified 2,500 cases […]