Uber and Breathometer Join Forces to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Uber and Breathometer Join Forces to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Would knowing your blood alcohol content help you make the right decision to call a cab or hail an Uber at the end of the night? Breathometer, a portable breathalyzer that works on smartphones, has partnered with Uber to further prevent drunk driving by offering users safe, convenient alternatives to getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Simply blow into one of the Breathometer devices, which can be wireless or attached to the headphone jack, and the app shows the person’s current blood alcohol content. If BAC levels are at .04 percent or higher, Breathometer provides a list of nearby restaurants, […]

New App Locates Photo Radar Cameras

Have you ever opened your mailbox to find a speeding ticket? Some states, like Arizona, California and Texas use photo radar traffic devices to detect speeding, red light violations or both, meaning you could be cited and not even know it. A new app developed by Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., a photo radar company with headquarters in Phoenix, hopes to quell any rumors and misinformation drivers may have about photo radar cameras and tickets by mapping out where these devices are located throughout the country. These devices have proved to be controversial, as many drivers don’t know how photo radar […]

Six New Arizona Laws You Should Know About

During one the speediest and most frugal legislative sessions in history, Arizona officials churned out more than 300 new laws. Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature spent a quick 81 days in session on a tight budget of $9.1 billion, producing 324 new laws, many of which will go into effect July 3. Dozens revolve around the economy, social issues and education, meaning the daily lives of residents across the state will be affected. Of the 324, Corso Law Group selected six of the most noteworthy new laws Arizonans should know about. Changes at the Border: SB 1271 gives […]

The Cloud’s Massive Reach Extends to Police Forces and Beyond

Are you one of the estimated 300 million people who use iCloud? Varieties of the cloud are offered by Apple, Microsoft and Google, but they all essentially let owners of smartphones, tablets and computers store, share, update and synchronize information from their devices to the cloud anytime it’s connected to wifi. It’s a convenient way to store and access information from almost anywhere, making it useful for the average smartphone user and law enforcement agencies. Police are using common cloud settings, like location settings, information sharing and automatic updates to help investigate and fight crimes. For example, if you use […]

MADD Ranks the DUI Prevention Efforts of Each State

Arizona is one of the top-five states with the most effective drunk driving laws, according to a report by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The report highlights which states have the best laws and programs to prevent drunk driving, as well as the ones that need to do more to prevent the offense. The MADD website includes an interactive map showing how many stars each state has, with each representing a different measure that it enforces, such as the requirement of an ignition interlock device, DUI checkpoints, enhanced child endangerment penalties, No-Refusal events and license revocation. Arizona enforces all five […]

Plan Ahead or Face Arizona’s Large DUI Task Force on Cinco de Mayo

Last May, 500 drunk drivers were arrested in Arizona, according to KTAR News, during Cinco de Mayo and the weekend before the holiday, which is commonly celebrated with Mexican fare, including a troublesome mix of margaritas, tequila and beer. Police proved just how serious they were about keeping drunk drivers off the roads in 2014 with a very effective DUI campaign that lead to more overall traffic stops and fewer DUI arrests, Arizona DUI attorneys Corso Law Group said. Arizona’s DUI task force was 1,880 officials strong in 2014, up from 1,420 the year before, with officers and deputies making […]

Debra Milke’s Murder Case Dismissed After 25 Years

The case against Debra Milke, who spent more than 20 years on death row for the murder of her four-year-old son, has been dismissed by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge. Milke was convicted of murder in 1990 for accompanying two men into the desert and shooting her son in the head. These charges were overturned by a federal court in 2013 due to an issue with the detective at the time, Armando Saldate, who reportedly had several incidents of misconduct. Saldate claimed that Milke confessed to murdering her son during an interview, but there were no witnesses at the […]