Financial Relationship Between Police Chiefs and Taser Raises Questions About Body Cameras

Financial Relationship Between Police Chiefs and Taser Raises Questions About Body Cameras

Police departments opting for Taser International’s body-worn cameras may have financial ties to the company. Officials in states like Utah and New Mexico where police departments have opted to purchase body cameras made by Scottsdale, Arizona based company Taser, are raising conflict-of-interest concerns as several police chiefs appear to be participating in endorsement-like activities. Travel expenses, including airfare and hotel costs, for police chiefs to speak at promotional conferences were paid for by Taser, according to records recovered by The Associated Press, which is an issue in the eyes of public officials public who have trouble seeing the benefit these […]

Powdered Alcohol to be Sold in Stores Across the Country This Summer

Powdered alcohol has been approved, despite last year’s false start, and could be available in the U.S. this summer. On March 10, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) granted approval to Palcohol, an alcoholic powder by Arizona company Lipsmark LLC that can be added to any liquid for a custom beverage. Palcohol was approved after scientific review from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the product’s ingredients weren’t concerning and proved no need for a legal block. The TTB originally approved Palcohol last April, but public outcry led to a temporary repeal two weeks later. Although […]

Spring Break Dangers – How Safe Are Your Spring Break Plans?

Some of the most popular spring break destinations are also the most dangerous for students and families traveling over the next several weeks. Orlando, Florida; Lake Havasu, Arizona and South Padre Island in Texas are ranked in the top 25 most dangerous places to spend spring break, according to a study that evaluated the risk of violent crimes, murder, rape and fatal car crashes in 25 U.S. cities. Whether groups decide to travel or stay in town, there are risks associated with high volumes of people in one place anywhere in the country, and this is especially common in areas […]

Arizona Driver’s Licenses Are Not REAL IDs, Don’t Comply With Federal Standards

Arizona residents will not be able to fly domestically or enter certain federal buildings with their driver’s licenses if the state doesn’t make changes to comply with federal “REAL ID” requirements by the end of 2015. Since 9/11, the federal government added 31 extra measures for states to use to produce more secure forms of identification. However, state legislatures are responsible for regulating licenses, and five states including Arizona, Maine, Louisiana, Idaho and New Hampshire chose not to comply with the REAL ID Act standards. Air travel within the country is the biggest problem thousands of Arizona residents could face […]

How Facebook Could Get You Arrested

We all know that privacy settings are essential on social media sites. We try our best to protect ourselves, keeping in mind that what we post, like or comment on could hurt our family or friends or even cost us a job opportunity. What we don’t consciously think about while tweeting, instagramming or posting is that we could face legal ramifications for our social media actions. How Could I Be Engaging in Incriminating Actions? There are multiple ways in which you could be engaging in incriminating actions. For example, the most obvious way to engage in such actions is to […]

Arizona Supreme Court Takes on Scottsdale’s Controversial BAC Tests

The Arizona Supreme Court is reviewing whether blood-alcohol test results from an erroneous machine at the Scottsdale crime lab can be used as evidence against several DUI cases from 2013. A lower court previously found the BAC results to be permissible evidence in court, allowing the defendants’ cases to move forward. However, some of the defense attorneys involved disagreed with this ruling, arguing that their clients shouldn’t be subject to the results of compromised tests from untrustworthy equipment and lab staff. In July 2013, the lab was criticized for using defective equipment to test the BAC of those arrested on […]

Flyers Encourage Drivers to Stay Silent at DUI Checkpoints

A Florida criminal defense attorney’s DUI checkpoint flyers intended to protect people from wrongful charges are cause for controversy as they may allow impaired drivers to avoid arrest. Warren Redlich is the criminal defense attorney behind the “Fair DUI Flyer,” which is essentially a DUI checkpoint kit drivers are using to go through stops without having to roll down the window and interact with officers face to face, preventing police from perceiving slurred speech or detecting alcohol on the breath. Law enforcement officials are questioning the legality of the Fair DUI Flyer as DUI checkpoints are legal in 38 states, […]