Arizona Could Face Increased DUI and Photo Radar Issues During Super Bowl XLIX

Arizona Could Face Increased DUI and Photo Radar Issues During Super Bowl XLIX

The last time Arizona hosted the Super Bowl in 2008, a total of 10,409 DUI arrests were made and 937 traffic fatalities occurred that year. Of those deaths, 35 percent were alcohol related. The risks associated high volumes of people in one area, such as drunk driving and other traffic concerns are lingering issues Arizona must face less than six months before it hosts Super Bowl XLIX, the nation’s largest annual sporting event. Adjustments are being made in Arizona to accommodate the Super Bowl since Glendale may not have enough space or resources to do so on its own. The […]

Radar That Can Detect Texting and Driving? Corso Law Group Weighs in on Questionable Photo Radar Device

Virginia-based company ComSonic is developing a radar gun that can detect when someone is texting and driving. Drawing from the technology used by cable technicians to repair lines by reading frequencies emitted from leaks and damages, the company is using this same concept to detect radio frequencies, sent out from text messages when the phone is being used in the car. This device could help decrease the number of distracted drivers on the road, and with that, reduce the number of accidents caused by texting and driving each year. Texting while driving increases the risk of a crash by 23 […]

Phoenix Turns to Pay Cuts as a Way to Avoid Reducing Fire and Police Department Services

Could payroll cuts help keep Phoenix police offers on the street? Phoenix’s city manager thinks so. In May, Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher’s proposal to cut pay and benefits cut for all city employees by a 1.6 percent as a way to manage Phoenix’s budget was voted on and approved by several emergency worker unions. These “shared sacrifices,” as Zuercher said in The Arizona Republic, have been put into effect to save Phoenix from an egregiously out of control budget without reducing the size of the police or firefighter force, which can lead to a miscellany of other issues. For […]