Arizona DUI Attorneys Corso Law Group Caution About Labor Day DUIs, Arizona DUI Checkpoints

Arizona DUI Attorneys Corso Law Group Caution About Labor Day DUIs, Arizona DUI Checkpoints

Labor Day usually means backyard barbecues and pool parties. This year, it could mean a costly Arizona DUI charge, thanks to an increased police presence and DUI checkpoints throughout Phoenix. Arizona law enforcement is planning to crack down on drunk drivers this Labor Day weekend. Last year, more than 2,000 officers made a total of more than 600 arrests at Arizona DUI checkpoints on Labor Day weekend. Corso Law Group founding attorneys Christopher P. Corso and John M. Rhude know the dangers of DUIs. Both attorneys previously prosecuted DUIs, DWIs and OUIs for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Combined, they […]

Self Defense Argument Rejected in Fatal Porch Shooting Case

The Detroit man who argued self defense for shooting and killing an unarmed teen on his front porch was convicted of second-degree murder by a Wayne County jury Thursday, August 7. Theodore Wafer, a 55-year-old airport worker, heard banging on his front door early in the morning on Nov. 2. He opened the front door of his home and shot Renisha McBride through the locked screen door, killing the 19-year-old student. Wafer testified saying that he shot McBride in self defense because he feared a break in and was scared for his life, the Wall Street Journal reports. Why McBride […]

Recreational Marijuana Tax Revenues Get Off to a Disappointing Start in Colorado

Colorado lawmakers are reviewing recreational marijuana taxes after sales from the past fiscal year did not meet early predictions. The official estimated revenue that recreational marijuana was predicted to bring in $33.5 million through the fiscal year, which ended this summer. Tax collections from Colorado reveal that the actual amount came in 60 percent lower than predicted, at a little over $12 million, according to The Denver Post. Lawmakers, such as State Rep. Dan Pabon, the leader of a special legislative committee on marijuana revenue, say that existing medical marijuana tax laws, which are lower than that of recreational pot, […]

Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Shooting of an Unarmed Teen by a Ferguson Police Officer Leads to Public Unrest

The fatal shooting of an unarmed African American teen in Ferguson, Mo. by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson Saturday, August 9, has given rise to an FBI civil rights investigation, protests and local rioting. The cause of the altercation between Michael Brown, 18, and Wilson, whose identity wasn’t released for weeks after the incident, remains unclear as witnesses to the event tell one story and law enforcement another. Dorian Johnson, 22, told CNN that he and Brown were walking to a family member’s home when police yelled at them to get out of the street. As the two explained that […]

Arizona Attorneys Corso Law Group Warn Incoming College Students of Back to School DUI Arrests

It’s back to school season which means thousands of students will return to college campuses over the next several weeks. Students and parents should be aware that police are cracking down on DUIs and underage drinking near college campuses at this time of year. With a high volume of students living on campus and in college towns, there are more opportunities for large parties and bar hopping which may lead to DUI incidents for drivers and alcohol-related charges for the underaged. Last fall at Arizona State University, the Tempe Police Department’s “Safe and Sober” task force, which focuses on crimes […]