Crime Labs Come Under Fire Nationwide for Questionable Tactics

Crime Labs Come Under Fire Nationwide for Questionable Tactics

In the criminal justice system, there is a skewed – but high – incentive for forensic scientists to get a conviction, whether it is a valid one or not. Crime and forensic labs are being paid fees per conviction, creating a higher possibility of bias. Crime labs conduct tests such as toxicology, fingerprint analysis, DNA evidence analysis, ballistics and hair microscopy. How confident would you be if you found out the lab conducting your toxicology test got paid only if you were convicted? Throughout the country, there have been thousands of falsely convicted individuals due to forensic lab mistakes, all […]

Scottsdale Law Firm Corso Law Group Believes in Providing the Best Possible Legal Representation, Clients Say

A strong passion for justice and dedication to defending the rights of their clients as well as an extensive knowledge of Arizona state and national laws have given Corso Law Group a competitive edge against other Arizona attorneys, and satisfied clients are sharing their positive experiences. “Providing a personal touch is one of the rules we live by at Corso Law Group,” said founding partner Christopher P. Corso, Esq. “All of the positive reviews and positive feedback we receive bring us closer to our clients and allow us to continue to grow as a firm. Several triumphant clients support Corso’s […]

Cinco de Mayo in Arizona Can Mean the Threat of DUI Arrests

While Arizonans are busy celebrating Cinco de Mayo with festivities, food and drinks, Arizona’s police force will be on the lookout for revelers who choose to get behind the wheel and drive home after too many margaritas. Last year, more than 1,200 police officers and deputies participated in the DUI Task Force during Cinco de Mayo weekend to ensure everyone was driving home safely, and sober. Of the 6,500 traffic stops that were conducted, 460 people were arrested for DUI, including 148 extreme DUIs. These statistics demonstrate that Arizona DUI laws are not to be taken lightly. Arizona is one […]

Marissa Alexander, Domestic Violence and the “Stand Your Ground” Defense

Imagine facing up to 60 years behind bars for protecting yourself during a domestic dispute incident. That’s the legal predicament Marissa Alexander was convicted on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Jacksonville, Fla. in 2012. Alexander fired a warning shot in the direction of her estranged husband and his two kids after she said they had been fighting and he threatened to kill her that day. The shots hit the wall and no injuries resulted from the gunfire. She was sentenced to 20 years, three counts served concurrently adding up to 60 years in prison, but […]

Photo Enforcement Issues Continue to Infuriate Arizona Drivers

Since photo radar systems were first approved and made active in Arizona, the devices have been a source of controversy, with officials such as Governor Jan Brewer have been fighting to do away with photo radar for good. Arizona drivers can rest assured on state highways where photo radar systems have been banned, but other busy streets and intersections are still considered photo radar traps by drivers. The photo radar attorneys at Corso Law Group are experienced in specific Arizona traffic laws and tirelessly defend the rights of their clients by looking for the best remedy to each individual case. […]