Key Witness Will Not Testify in Milke Trial

Key Witness Will Not Testify in Milke Trial

Former Phoenix police detective Armando Saldate will not testify again during the retrial of Debra Milke, scheduled for February 2015, according to the Huffington Post. Saldate was the lynchpin in the original trial against Milke, testifying that Milke had confessed to killing her four-year-old son with two other men in the desert in 1989. This confession has held extreme importance in this case because it is the only connection between Milke and the murder. The confession violated Milke’s rights as she did not waive her rights to have an attorney present at the time of the interrogation, and the proposed […]

Prosecution of Aurora Theater Shooting Gunman Stands Still

It’s been nearly two years since the attack on an Aurora, Colorado movie theater rattled the country, and the fate of gunman James Holmes is still not certain as defense attorneys and prosecutors continue to argue viciously over issues of his mental sanity and the death penalty. The latest development finds the defense accusing the judge in the case of favoritism. While the defense focuses on its latest set of motions (two other motions remain sealed) filed last week, the issue of Holmes’ mental state continues to be determined. During the week of January 27, 2014, a series of four […]

The Role of Social Media in Law Enforcement

The widespread participation and constant availability of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace is practically yesterday’s news. Social media has had such a great presence for several years now, constantly evolving to find a place in society’s daily activities. Most social media apps and sites allow users to communicate with others, upload photos and check into locations at any moment both privately, for friends’ eyes only, and publicly for the entire internet to see. What is notable about social media’s growing establishment in everyday behavior is the impact these sites are having on law enforcement, acting […]

Controversial Arizona Photo Radar Cameras Back in the News

A new bill concerning the use of photo radar in Arizona has been introduced by state representatives. HB 2690 says that all authorities and agencies in Arizona using photo enforcement have to calibrate the camera systems at least once every 24 hours. If a ticket produced from a photo enforcement system is distributed without the proper time stamp that meets the 24 hour calibration requirement, that ticket would be dismissed by the court. Proponents of HB 2690, such as the sponsor of the bill, Rep. David Gowan, believe that this new bill would ensure that photo radar systems reach the […]

Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso Law Group Remind Valley of DUI Risks for St. Patrick’s Day 2014

The Phoenix area offers plenty of fun and festivities every year for Valley residents to enjoy during St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Holidays are by all means a time to celebrate, but Corso Law Group wants to remind you to celebrate responsibly and be aware of the dangers of driving under the influence and the consequences of a DUI or DWI conviction in Arizona. Arizona DUI lawyers Corso Law Group know from experience that St. Patrick’s Day means an increase in Arizona DUI arrests because the alcohol-fueled holiday results in partygoers not designating a sober driver or not realizing they are […]

Marissa DeVault’s Trial Course a Turbulent One

A Gilbert woman faces charges of first-degree murder and possibility of the death penalty for the death of her husband in 2009. The trial has taken many turns amid conflicting statements from the defendant and witnesses. On January 14, 2009, Marissa DeVault’s husband, Dale Harrell, was found in the master bedroom of their home, his face and head severely beaten with a claw hammer. DeVault did not deny bludgeoning her husband’s skull, but claimed she acted in self defense. Marissa DeVault, 36, of Gilbert claimed that she “snapped,” according to AZ Central. Harrell died three weeks after the beating, and […]

Know Your Rights When Police Misconduct Strikes

With numerous police misconduct and brutality cases throughout Arizona and the U.S., citizens should know when they are being taken advantage of by the law. A Phoenix police officer with a history of misconduct resigned amid an investigation after he was arrested recently for criminal sexual conduct for having sex with a minor. This was not the first time former officer Justin LaClere has drawn negative attention to himself. In 2010, he pulled over a Valley woman for dim headlights, pulled her out of her car at gunpoint and placed her in handcuffs for a DUI that she stated was […]

Embattled Child Abuse Agency Abolished by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer abolished the state’s Child Protective Services (CPS) minutes before delivering her State of the State address on Monday, Jan. 13. Minutes before delivering what many consider to be her last address, Brewer signed an executive order abolishing the troubled agency. The announcement surprised lawmakers, as did Brewer’s proposal that the agency’s duties should now fall under a new cabinet-level department that would report directly to Brewer. “It is evident that our child welfare system is broken, impeded by years of structural and operational failures,” Brewer said during her annual address. The announcement came as state officials […]