California Officers Found Not Guilty in Kelly Thomas Trial

California Officers Found Not Guilty in Kelly Thomas Trial

The December 2013 trial for the death of a homeless man badly beaten by California police officers in 2011 is making history for being the first murder trial ever to involve a uniformed officer in Orange County. However, two officers involved in the case were found not guilty and freed from their charges by a jury on Jan. 13. Former Orange County officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were accused of beating 37-year-old Kelly Thomas unconscious on the night of July 5, which led to his death five days later. Ramos was initially tried for second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter […]

Florida Man Pleads Not Guilty in Facebook Killing

Derek Medina, a 31-year-old Miami man, was recently charged with first-degree murder for shooting his wife multiple times and then posting a photo of her body on Facebook. Medina has entered a not-guilty plea in the case. Medina told investigating officers that he was acting in self-defense when he shot his 26-year-old wife, Jennifer Alfonso, at their Miami home on August 8. According to Medina, Alfonso repeatedly punched Medina in the chest, arm and temple during an argument. Medina claims that he feared for his life. Medina said as he argued with his wife, Alfonso pulled out a kitchen knife, […]

New Orleans Police Officer Found Not Guilty in Controversial Shooting

New Orleans Police Officer David Warren was found not guilty on the final day of his retrial, Jan. 8, 2013, on civil rights and weapons charges in the shooting and killing of Henry Glover just days after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The highly-charged case offered a glimpse into the alleged corruption of the New Orleans Police Department, the challenges that a new trial brings and still more questions about what happened on that fateful night, just days after the city had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Warren was originally convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 25 years in prison. His […]

Scottsdale Crime Lab Ruling Challenged

Prosecutors in Maricopa County are fighting a Superior Court judge’s ruling to eliminate blood evidence in 11 DUI cases which could affect previous DUI convictions in Scottsdale. Defense attorneys in the 11 aggravated-DUI and extreme-DUI cases argued that defective equipment and lab administrators of the Scottsdale Police Crime Lab did not meet scientific standards to merit or account for the accuracy of the four-year-old blood-testing machine. They also questioned the capability of the lab employees, doubting their ability to detect errors should they occur. In August, Judge Jerry Bernstein barred prosecutors from introducing the machine’s blood-testing results in the 11 […]