Thanksgiving Weekend Can Be Deadliest Holiday for DUIs

Thanksgiving Weekend Can Be Deadliest Holiday for DUIs

Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday of the year when it comes to drunk driving, according to Corso Law Group. “Many people incorrectly assume that New Year’s Eve is responsible for the most drunk-driving deaths,” said John M. Rhude, Esq, of Corso Law Group. “In reality, Thanksgiving Day accounts for more fatalities related to DUIs than any other holiday. And because people don’t take it seriously, the fatality statistics continue to remain high.” According to a 2009 Forbes magazine study, an average of 401 people die each year on New Year’s Day, the fifth worst holiday for drunk driving. The worst […]

Tempe Police Officer Resigns After Criminal Investigation

Jessica Dever-Jakusz, a Tempe police officer, resigned earlier this month because of her involvement in a criminal investigation for hindering prosecution. Dever-Jakusz was a part of the show “Job Swap”, where she went to Switzerland for a week to patrol driving violations of citizens in Zurich. She received national attention for her participation in the show and her colleagues told CBS 5 that she was a “well-liked, well-respected officer.” The allegations surrounding Dever-Jakusz have been handed down to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The investigation stemmed from allegations that Dever-Jakusz had slept with a drug dealer she was trailing. Before […]

Free Speech? Football Player Suspended After Reading a Poem

An Ohio football player, Nick Andre, was suspended from Rittman High School for four days and kicked off his football team after writing a poem about his frustration with the team. Andre wrote the poem, which he titled “Stupid”, as part of a project in his English class. Andre felt that he was just expressing his opinion and had the right to speak out under free speech. The principal of Rittman claimed that his poem was a form of harassment and bullying. Andre said he was astonished by his school’s reaction to the poem because he was doing an assignment […]

Amado Retrial Sheds Light on Brady List Violation

Randall Amado, a Crips gang member in California, was convicted of aiding and abetting a senseless murder in 1998. Amado’s gang hung out at a bus stop in Los Angeles along a bus route that would also pass through the gang area of the Crips’ rivals, the Bloods. The Bloods rode the bus through the Crips territory and would often taunt the Crips. Amado and others from his gang decided to take matters into their own hands and get on the bus, ultimately murdering one person with a handgun. Amado was found guilty of the murder with the help of […]