Labor Day Weekend Means Arizona DUI Arrests Increase, According to Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso Law Group

Labor Day Weekend Means Arizona DUI Arrests Increase, According to Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso Law Group

While Labor Day means the end of summer, the experienced Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group know it can also mean the beginning of a very costly DUI mistake for many Arizonans. “You should never drink and drive,” said Christopher P. Corso of Corso Law Group. “But every year we see Arizonans do just that without understanding the severe consequences of their actions. Arizona is very tough on DUI offenders. We’ve seen the proof firsthand.” Corso knows from experience the problems that can arise from long holiday weekends. He previously prosecuted DUIs, DWIs and OUIs for the Maricopa County Attorney’s […]

Are Police Roadblocks Unconstitutional?

It is a typical evening. You’re driving down the road with the radio on. Up ahead you see the flash of a police car telling you to pull over. Anxiety immediately sets in, even though you know you have not done anything wrong. It’s called a roadblock, which can be used as a seatbelt, ID or sobriety checkpoint. According to The Roadblock Registry, “Roadblocks are usually established in locations that prevent easy avoidance, offer ample parking for interrogating suspected law violators and issuing tickets, and usually in places and during times that will not cause serious traffic tie ups.” According […]

Scottsdale Increases Photo Radar Camera Presence

All Arizona drivers have experienced that panic stricken moment when the flash of a traffic camera goes off. Immediately, they check their speedometers and glance around to see if someone else could have been the cause. These anxieties will not be put at ease any time soon as additional mobile photo enforcement devices are implemented around school zones in Scottsdale. Drivers Beware Since July 21, portable towers have been randomly placed in Scottsdale’s 31 different school sites and the devices will be moved to other high-traffic areas when school is not in session. School zones are already danger zones for […]

For Better or Worse: When Divorced Couples Are Forced to Live Together

As Arizona family lawyers, we see many different scenarios when two people decide to legally end their marriage. Recently, we’ve seen a growing trend emerge: couples who want to get divorced but can’t afford not to live together after the divorce. More and more couples who decide to legally separate from one another are still living together after the divorce has been finalized. Why would two individuals who struggled to live together as husband and wife want to continue to live with one another after a divorce? The simple answer is finances. Because of this, it’s important to retain an […]

The Case of Debra Milke

In the United States, individuals who are suspected of a crime are supposed to remain innocent until proven guilty. But what happens when the evidence used to convict faces its own scrutiny years later? That question will once again take center stage in Arizona this year as an Arizona mother is re-tried for a highly publicized crime committed almost 24 years ago. On January 18, 1991, Debra Jean Milke was sentenced to death for her involvement in the conspiracy to murder her four-year-old son, Christopher. Milke was convicted and sentenced to death based on a verbal confession she gave to […]

Head Back to School the Safe Way

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over, and it’s time to start packing up the kids for the new school year. A feeling of worry always seems to accompany sending young children back to school, especially as those kids become more independent. Is there a way to put these worries at ease? In the technological world we live in today, there is. A variety of applications are available for smartphones specifically designed to help parents keep their children safer. Below is a list of popular child safety apps, and how they can keep your family safe. MamaBear This […]

Massachusetts Legal System Struggles with Crime Lab Scandal, Evidence Issues

When it comes to criminal prosecution, making sure evidence is secure is always a vital piece of proving any criminal charge. However, when Annie Dookhan worked as a chemist in the Hinton State Laboratory in Boston’s historic Jamaica Plain neighborhood, she neglected to ensure that key evidence was secure. She is now embroiled in a Boston crime lab scandal. The Damage Dookhan admitted to tampering and mishandling evidence for years. She confessed to sometimes recording drug evidence as positive when it was actually negative. According to Dookhan, she would take a handful of drug samples, only test one or two […]