Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

The right to remain silent is one reserved for those who are suspected of committing a crime, but what happens when the arresting officer is the one whose words are used against them? A Phoenix police officer recently lost his job after allegations the officer was verbally abusive toward suspects. The initial claim that lead to an internal investigation came from the mother of a suspect the officer encountered in 2011. The mother made claims the officer was both physically and verbally abusive to her son during the police encounter. A valley news source, AZ Central, said the footage from […]

Summertime Means Arizona Boating Tickets, OUI Charges

Summertime is here and as the temperature rises, vacationers will take to the water for a fun way to stay cool. Popular summertime time activities that start as innocent fun can turn dangerous when alcohol is involved in the situation. Operating under the influence (OUI) arrests, boating tickets, reckless operation of a watercraft, assault, drinking in public and indecent exposure are common occurrences when alcohol is added to summer activities. According to the DUI Foundation, boat operators that have a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.10% or above are an estimated ten times more likely to die in a boating […]

Scottsdale Police Sergeant’s Conduct Spurs Questions

Police officers are known for protecting and serving citizens. But what happens when the actions of these individuals are called into question? Earlier this year, the validity of case report testimony by one Scottsdale Police Sergeant, Anthony Bellissimo, was questioned, leading to his resignation. Unanswered questions about cases he was involved in over his career remain, including ongoing cases. False Testimony On April 7, Bellissimo was on duty when a shots-fired call was received at Jackrabbit Lounge, in the 4200 block of North Drinkwater Boulevard. According to the report, Bellissimo was to supervise officers, impound evidence and write a report […]

Arizona DUI Charges Can Spoil Fourth of July Fireworks, According to Arizona DUI Lawyers

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Fourth of July weekend can be a dangerous time on Arizona roads. Hundreds of Arizona DUI arrests will be made during the Fourth of July weekend and the experienced Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group know that many Fourth of July celebrations this year will end with a very costly arrest. Mobile DUI units will be out in force on Fourth of July and the DUI checkpoints mean plenty of Arizonans will receive DUI citations. Last year, 505 Arizona residents were arrested for driving under the influence, down from 523 Arizona DUI during the 2011 Fourth […]

Celebrating Independence Day in a Safe Way: Don’t Drink and Drive

The Fourth of July is known as a time for celebrations, barbecues and fireworks. Unfortunately, the Independence Day holiday has also become notorious for DUI charges and reckless driving. While celebrating July 4th with alcohol is fine in moderation, drinking can turn dangerous when mixed with driving. “People tend to relax their standards during long holiday weekends and end up facing an Arizona DUI as a result,” said Christopher Corso, Esq., of the Scottsdale-based law firm Corso Law Group. “They don’t think twice about driving after having a couple of beers and that can be a recipe for disaster for […]

Bad Science Leading to Questionable Scottsdale DUI Charges

In Arizona, a DUI conviction is not something taken lightly when deciding punishment. If convicted of a DUI, penalties could include a minimum jail time of 24 hours, a license suspension and numerous fines. According to the Arizona Government of Highway Safety, in 2012 there was a total of 30,433 DUI arrests. However, recent evidence shows a portion of these could be mistakenly penalized due to faulty technology. Scottsdale’s police lab is currently under fire for alleged defective equipment used to determine the blood alcohol content level of those charged with DUIs in Scottsdale. Court documents indicate Scottsdale police have […]