Fracking Creates Health Concerns, Personal Injury Questions

Fracking Creates Health Concerns, Personal Injury Questions

What does your neighborhood gas pump, Hurricane Sandy and the persistent severe illnesses of Americans that stretch from the east coast to Colorado have in common? In the world of personal injury claims and concerns, the answer is not only simple, it’s beginning to gain widespread national attention: fracking. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves creating fractures in layers of shale far below the Earth’s surface in order to obtain access to oil or natural gas. The process requires deep drilling, then fracturing the shale with a high-pressure stream of water and fracking fluid, delivered to the site in large commercial […]

Holiday Season Can Be Deadly Time for DUIs, Says Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso Law Group

Scottsdale, Ariz. – The holiday season can be a deadly time of the year when it comes to drunk driving, according to the Arizona DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group. “The last few weeks of the year can lead to deadly accidents, DUI arrests and drunk driving tragedies,” said John M. Rhude of Corso Law Group. “It’s important that Arizona drivers understand that the state has no tolerance for drunk driving and DUI task forces will stop drunk drivers in their tracks.” According to a 2009 Forbes magazine study, an average of 401 people die each year on New Year’s […]

Corso Law Group Reviews Continue to Spotlight Dedicated Arizona Attorneys Fighting for Their Clients

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Having a lawyer with experience is important. Having one that cares is invaluable. The experienced lawyers at Corso Law Group work hard every day to represent their clients in the courtroom. “I hired Corso Law Group to help me with me legal problem,” said James T. of Scottsdale. “They treated me professionally and got the job done. No smoke and mirrors, a fair price and they did what they said they were going to do.” There are many Arizona residents who echo these Corso Law Group reviews. Founding partner Christopher P. Corso, Esq. said his firm works […]